A Bit About Me

Qualified Coach

Experienced Facilitator & Trainer

Leadership Experience from PwC

NLP Master Practitioner

Disc Personality Profile Assessor

Public Speaker

ICF Member

What services do you provide?

I offer coaching, training and facilitation to organisations of all sectors and sizes.

I specialise in leadership, communication, career development and confidence. I also offer private coaching services to self-funded individuals, particularly for women who want to progress at work and develop or sharpen their leadership skills. 

Larger organisations 

When working with larger clients and groups, I work through Summit Human Potential Limited which I co-run with my business partner Rosanna Williams-Wood. We work with Leaders, Teams and Talent and our methods range from team coaching, team building, team away days, strategy days, group facilitation, experiential learning, workshops and 1:1 executive coaching. We also have a signature development programme, Ascent, which develops women’s potential and accelerates the personal and professional growth of aspiring future female leaders. 

Who are your clients?

I work across a range of organisations and sectors, from small businesses all the way to large companies. Notable names are National Express, The University of Birmingham and Pomeroy. This included coaching for senior teams and facilitation of Senior Team Away Days.

My Small Business clients are Directors and Business owners across various sectors from Telecoms to The Arts. Coaching is around leadership, managing priorities, developing strategy and personal development.

I also work with Charities on a pro bono basis, including delivering training for the Charity UpRising on their Fastlaners Programme from 2018 – 2019.

My private practice clients’ names always stay confidential, but I have coached professionals at all levels including top levels such as Directors, Partners (Professional Services) and C-Suite.  

What's your background?

I worked for PwC (one of the Big 4 Professional Services firms) for 15 years in Senior Resource, Operational and HR roles.

I successfully led and managed many teams, achieved two promotions and gained well over 10 years’ experience in coaching, training and facilitation. I designed, led and delivered several development workshops including leadership residential events. 

I’m commercially grounded as a result of my operational and people management knowledge and experience. I have experience in areas including performance, strategy, leadership, engagement, managing talent and career development.

What made you become a coach?

I first started coaching well over 15 years ago when I was working at PwC. I was introduced to the GROW model, which is a simple tool, easy to pick up and work with immediately. I liked the fact that coaching someone on an issue they were facing was about helping them to find answers for themselves, rather than telling them what to do. (Who takes anyone else’s advice anyway?)  It was like being someone’s thinking partner – helping them think through their challenges in a different way, and finding solutions they didn’t know they had. It really worked, time and time again, with my team, with peers, colleagues and friends – and I got hooked!  

I realised I wanted to pursue leadership coaching as a lifelong career, along with training and facilitation. It made sense, given I had a mountain of leadership experience and I loved working with people. I formalised my coaching experience with a qualification from The Coaching Academy and gained a Distinction. Then I set up Pursuit Coaching + Development in 2017, and I honestly haven’t looked back.

Why specialise in coaching women?

I went through a challenging time just before I resigned from PwC – having two young children with a pressured job requiring long hours was very tough at times. As a result of my experience, I have a lot of empathy with other working mothers who hold down busy senior jobs. Sadly, not enough women stay in these roles – they are in what’s called a ‘leaky pipeline.’

I believe we need more women to stay in leadership roles and rise to the top of organisations in order to give balance to society and create a better future. So I’m passionate about supporting all women in pursuing their careers, developing as leaders and becoming role models for other women. 

How do your clients and colleagues describe you?

I’ve been described as warm, professional and intuitive. I’ve been told that I’m prepared to go the extra mile (which I think is true, depending on the situation). In feedback, people say they value my ability to challenge, bring fresh insights and observations. Have a look at the testimonials on my Services pages for more feedback.

What are your values?

My top 3 are learning (I believe you’re never too old to learn), professionalism and authenticity (which is really all about self-acceptance I think).

What do you do outside work?

I‘m a wife and a mum of two children, who all keep me on my toes!

Public Speaking 

I’m a seasoned speaker and a longstanding member (6+ years) of Toastmasters International, (World Leaders in Communication and Leadership Development). I was Club President at my local club from July 2019 – June 2020 and am a mentor to other members. 

Co-Lead Networking Group for Coaches

I co-run a local Coaching network group called “Coaching Central” for professional coaches. We are affiliated with UK ICF as a local group, and we meet monthly (currently online during Covid) to share, connect and learn – check out the Coaching Central site for more info. 

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