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Supporting Women in Leadership

Across the globe, only 29% of management positions are held by women*. In the UK the numbers are higher, but nowhere near equitable at 37.6%.* The higher up the corporate ladder, the fewer women there are.

I believe the world will be a better place when more women achieve top leadership roles. My coaching services are designed to support women in career growth, to develop professionally and excel as leaders.

If you’re a senior leader, middle manager or an aspiring leader, my coaching will help you grow and develop in your role. Whether you want to improve your presentation skills, get promoted, change roles or develop your leadership skills, I can help you grow and progress professionally.

*Sources:Catalyst, Quick Take: Women in Management (August 11, 2020)


I’m Rachael, founder of Pursuit Coaching + Development Ltd.

I offer coaching, training and facilitation to organisations, specialising in leadership, communication, career development and confidence.

I also offer private coaching services to self-funded individuals, particularly for women who want to progress at work and develop leadership skills.

Feel free to browse around my services  – if you have any questions, I’m happy to help answer them, just call or email me.

Services for Professional Career Growth

Services for Organisations

I provide coaching, training and facilitation across all organisations and sectors – see my ‘About Me’ page for organisational clients I’ve worked with. I specialise in Professional Services firms as a result of my 15-year career with PwC, which has given me an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues faced within the sector, particularly Accountancy firms.

My coaching services are for talented Aspiring Leaders, Middle Management and Partners / Senior Leaders with a focus on Leadership, Communication and Career Development.

My coaching approach is developmental, with a focus on deepening emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Together, these create greater personal effectiveness, enhanced leadership ability and a deeper sense of confidence and presence. 

Services for Career Professionals

  • Are you in a leadership role or aspiring to be in future?
  • Are you looking to accelerate your progress at work?
  • Would you like extra support to achieve your career ambitions and goals? 

 My coaching can help you with any aspect of career progression, from growing your leadership skills, improving your communication and influence, to getting that next promotion or transitioning to a new role or job.

 I work with talented and ambitious professionals who would like a bit of extra support in progressing their career.

 Check out my client testimonials on the Services Pages.

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Sharpen your Leadership Skills

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Promotion Success

Promotion Readiness Coaching

Change your Career

Career Change Coaching

Present with Confidence

Presentation Skills Coaching

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