Lead well

Aim high

I’m Rachael McNidder, an experienced leader, coach and leadership specialist. I work with all sizes of organisations offering Leadership Coaching, Training and Facilitation services.

I’m on a mission to help more women reach the top of organisations and my private coaching practice supports Women in Leadership, from Early Leaders to Senior Leaders. 

Lead Well, Aim High


Services in Leadership, Communication & Career Development

My services include:

  • DISC Personality Assessments for Teams & Individuals
  • Training & Facilitation for organisations
  • Executive Coaching for senior leaders
  • Leadership Coaching for mid-level leaders
  • Early Leaders Coaching for aspiring leaders
  • Promotion Success Coaching for people looking to get to the next level
  • Career Change Coaching for career professionals looking for the next role
  • Presentation Skills Coaching & Training for people wanting to improve their skills 

I specialise in coaching women leaders.

Coaching services are mainly online but can be arranged face to face depending on Covid-19 limitations and location.

I’d love to help you grow and progress professionally – simply contact me for more details or check out my pages for more info.

For Women Leaders

For Women Leaders

For Organisations

For Organisations

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