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Coaching for women who want to progress at work

Coaching for women who want to progress at work   

Women face unique challenges at work due to gender norms, stereotypes and unconscious bias. It’s widely acknowledged that senior management roles in organisations are not yet reflective of the broader diverse populations they represent. Globally, women in management positions are at just 29%.* 

 I’m passionate about helping women progress at work and supporting gender balance at senior levels. I coach ambitious, values-driven women who want to pursue and excel in senior leadership positions whilst staying true to themselves. 

* Source: 2019


Are you experiencing any of the following at work?

  • Struggling to articulate your vision or your value
  • Finding complex and ambiguous situations very challenging as you progress through the organisation
  • Needing to lead significant change projects but not feeling confident
  • Not feeling able to convince others about your recommendations and ideas
  • Avoiding tough conversations you need to have 
  • Dreading ‘high stakes’ conversations and other opportunities to make your mark
  • Receiving nebulous feedback about improving your presence but not knowing what to do about it
  • Feeling pressure to change who you are in order to be successful 

If you want to accelerate your success at work, Influence & Presence coaching can help you stay composed, deal with challenging situations and increase your sense of personal equilibrium. My way of coaching is collaborative, insightful, warm and intuitive. There’s no pressure to ‘know it all’, simply turn up and be yourself.

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