Coaching for

women who

want to progress

at work

Coronavirus Coaching Support – Getting Perspective


COVID-19 has brought an exceptional level of challenge to many people and many organisations. Coaching is a way of helping you as a leader process what’s going on for you and help you find your own resilience and capacity. You may not be able to change what’s going on externally, but you can change how you deal with it internally. Making that shift could make all the difference to you and to your teams. Keeping yourself and your teams motivated, creative and operating at optimum performance levels is more important now than ever before.

 Investing in coaching right now may seem like an extra financial challenge, but it just might be the difference that gets you and your teams through the crisis and out the other side intact.  The small amount invested in coaching will absolutely pay off in terms of greater gain.

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Coaching for women who want to progress at work  

 Women face unique challenges at work due to gender norms, stereotypes and unconscious bias. Globally, women in management positions are at just 29%.*  I’m passionate about gender equality and supporting women in leadership who want to progress their careers and excel in their roles.  

 If you’re a senior leader, middle manager or emerging leader, I can provide a supportive yet challenging space to help you gain perspective, face your challenges and develop on a personal and professional level. 

* Source: 2019 

 I’m Rachael, a coach, facilitator, parent and business owner. 

In my coaching, I specialise in supporting women in leadership, particularly within the professional services sector.

My way of coaching is collaborative, insightful, warm and intuitive. I’d love to support you in being more of who you already are and in what you can potentially become.There’s no pressure to ‘know it all’; simply be yourself! 

My coaching services are designed for leaders who want help and support in complex and challenging roles, in progression, career development and personal impact.  

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