It is a real pleasure to be coached by Rachael from Pursuit. Rachael helped me set both short and long term goals for myself, focusing on Leadership. The coaching sessions are thought-provoking, the coaching is very practical and has had a positive impact on a number of aspects of my role.

I found that touching base on a regular basis with Rachael is an excellent way to critically examine oneself as she helps me identify, frame and clarify key development objectives and offers practical tools and techniques to achieve them and come back with a fresh perspective.

The coaching also came into play in discussions I had with my team, peers and senior leaders. I find the coaching really beneficial and it has renewed my focus on what I want to achieve in the future. Rachael’s knowledge and level of professionalism are outstanding and really help me make a difference.

Partner, UK Top 10 Accountancy Firm

Working towards a senior promotion is a challenging time, having Rachael supporting and nudging me along gave me the confidence that was already there but helped me bring out both on paper and in my promotion interview.

Rachael challenged me to ensure I pulled out the best examples and articulate myself well. Most important for me was learning to talk un-self-consciously about myself and my examples. Rachael worked with me to ensure I put myself forward in the best light, confidently.

PwC UK Director

Rachel is an excellent professional coach, she is flexible in the moment, and facilitates creativity while maintaining a focus on the overall goal.

I would strongly recommend Rachel as a coach. Her natural ability to create a very relaxed and flexible coaching environment, while encouraging focus, accountability & forward movement is outstanding.


Throughout our discussions, Rachael helped me to identify clear and well-defined actions to help me on the way to achieving my goals. While Rachael always held me accountable she was supportive when blockages came up that meant I didn’t always progress my actions as far as I had committed to. She seemed to sense when I was holding back and kept pressing to ensure that I challenged myself and set more clearly defined actions.

I found the sessions were very enjoyable and encouraged me to really think more deeply about the goals I had set out to work through.

Patrick Hickman

Rachael’s style is warm and direct. She builds trust and rapport very quickly and has a lovely manner that puts you immediately at ease.

Rachael has a strong ability to hold the coaching space while keeping a light and caring touch when addressing challenges one faces. Rachel always did a great job in keeping time and framing the session’s goals, supporting me in making strategic decisions and schedule priorities. My sessions with Rachael positively impacted my personal and professional life. 

Sarah S.

I found the sessions very useful for talking through my work challenges, how I felt about my current role and what I wanted to do in the future.

I felt that this really helped my confidence in applying for other jobs and going for interviews


I had been reconsidering my career for some time, but had been struggling to have clarity or focus. Rachael helped me to re-engage with my core skills and motivations, some long neglected, and then progress into thinking about in what way these could be brought into future opportunities.
This has dramatically changed the way I am planning for my future, and has made me feel confident about my ability to achieve my new goals.


Lisa H.

From the very first 15 minutes I knew I was in the right place. Rachel has a very calm manner and I warmed to her immediately. She was intuitive and knew how to draw information out of me without me feeling any concerns. Very quickly I was moving along.


Talking for the first time about ME and Only Me was fantastic. Thank you so much Rachel. What a pleasure journeying my life with you has been over the last 6 months. I really appreciate your process and approach which was very clear from the onset. 


Rachel’s coaching demonstrates empathy, presence, and patience. She creates an open and safe space for you to explore and find the path towards your goal on your pace. 

Rachel’s genuine and emphatic presence during the coaching session was very inspirational.

As a result of the coaching, I regained the clarity and the confidence to carry on with my business.


“Rachael’s ever-encouraging manner has enabled me to have faith in my capabilities and hope that I can always reach the goals that I set my mind to.

She could always get me to foresee where I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get me there, and empowered me with the skills and confidence to do so.”  

Rosie Ellis

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