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I work with teams and groups to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and solve problems together. Services include: Team Away Days, Leadership Development, DISC workshops, Group and Team Coaching. Scroll down for some examples of my previous work.

If you’re thinking of running an away day, wanting to improve team collaboration or just make your team feel more like a team, let’s have a chat to see how I can help!

Services for Groups & Teams

Team Coaching

Make the most of your team and learn to collaborate more effectively

Group Coaching

Bring people together to solve problems and unlock creativity

DISC Workshops for Teams

Learn to work and communicate more effectively together

Case Studies

My experience in facilitating workshops and leadership events started many years ago in my former career at PwC – an amazing training ground. Since setting up my own business in 2017, I’ve worked with many groups and teams. Here are just some example case studies:

Senior Officer Away Day: The University of Birmingham

The newly formed Senior Team wanted to strengthen team relationships and broaden perspectives outside their own areas.

Working with a trusted co-facilitator, we focused on building trust, strengthening relationships, and understanding the team’s purpose. We looked at how they could make time for each other and the whole team, rather than simply delivering work together.

The team valued the opportunity to take time out, be together and reflect. They listened to each other, learned new ways to support and challenge one another and have more meaningful conversations.

You listened to our wishes in planning the Away Day. I valued the fact that it challenged my assumptions and thinking which made me see things differently.”

The Finance Director

DISC Workshop: Financial Services Company

The Board wanted to bring the management team together to learn more about each other, build relationships and improve communication.

Working with a trusted co-facilitator, we ran a light-hearted and fun day using DISC personality profiling. DISC is a great tool that helps us to see ourselves in the way that others see us, deepening our understanding of ourselves and each other. Each individual received their own DISC report and we shared a group report that showed the collective strengths of the team, as well as areas to work on in future. Participant feedback:

Very inclusive, friendly & fun.

“Clear, easy to understand, enjoyable”

“Enthusiastic and open environment. Very comfortable to speak freely.”

Mangers’ Leadership Away Day: Pomeroy

The MD wanted a Leadership Day for his Manager team to understand their leadership strengths and identify areas to develop. It was an interactive and fun day with opportunities to share and learn from each other. We defined what great leadership looks like and ran a live exercise to help them see their leadership in action. MD Feedback:

Rachael’s easy going and personable style proved very effective. Her interactive and humorous approach, rather than a teacher-student scenario, worked very well for our team. A mix of delivery methods also helped the day flow effectively.

Overall , a very successful day, thank you Rachael!”

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