Services for Organisations

High Quality Leadership Solutions

Today’s organisations are challenging environments, reacting to rapid global change, within huge complexity and uncertainty. The only way to effectively manage change, resolve issues and find solutions for tomorrow’s challenges is through everyone working together at their best. To achieve that requires highly effective leadership at all levels of an organisation, with leaders who have the capability to bring out the best in others and nurture leadership in everyone around them.  

Developing leadership capability will significantly enhance your organisational performance and have a positive impact on employee retention, motivation and productivity levels. I can help you unlock leadership capability and management skills at all levels through high quality coaching, training, facilitation and leadership development.

Coaching | Training | Facilitation

I can help build leadership capacity, unlock potential and bring teams together. 

Services include:

Coaching – Executive, Career & Team coaching

Training – Workshops and People Skills Development

Facilitation – Team Building, Team Away Days, Strategy Days, Group Facilitation & Experiential Learning

DISC Personality Profiles – Improve Teamwork & Communication

Coaching for Organisations:

My coaching is focused on Leaders from early leaders (pre-manager) all the way to senior leaders: 

  • Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders
  • Leadership Coaching for Mid-Level Leaders
  • Learn How to Lead for Early Managers / Leaders
  • Team Coaching – for teams who want to work more effectively together
  • Promotion Success – Readiness for Senior Promotions

Each Coaching Programme includes:

  • An initial 3 way strategy meeting with myself, sponsor and coachee to agree objectives, confidentiality and measures for success
  • Mid-way review with coachee and sponsor if needed
  • End of programme review with coachee and sponsor

Larger Organisations

When working with larger clients I work through Summit Human Potential Limited which I co-run with my business partner Rosanna Williams-Wood. We work with Leaders, Teams and Talent and we have a signature development programme, Ascent, which develops women’s potential and accelerates the personal and professional growth of aspiring future female leaders. 

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