Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills are Essential to Career Progression

Doing a presentation at work can be an intimidating experience! Just the thought of doing one can make many people start knocking at the knees, feeling sick and breathless. But good communication skills are vital if you want to be successful and get ahead. Here are just some of the ways good presentation skills are essential:

  • Selling your ideas to stakeholders or investors
  • Persuading senior people to go with your strategy
  • Motivating and engaging your teams in your vision
  • Winning clients at pitches
  • Showing your credibility, knowledge and expertise at board meetings

Developing your presentation skills can help you progress your career, impress important people, get promoted, raise your profile and close more deals. If you can’t articulate yourself confidently, it can diminish your credibility as audiences often make the assumption that a polished presenter must also be good at their job, credible and worthy of working with.

Surely those are skills worth developing?

Broaden your presenting skills

  • Do you need to engage different audiences?
  • Can you deliver a presentation without slides?
  • Do you need to engage, inspire or persuade your audience – or all three?

Developing your presentation skills isn’t just about getting good at one aspect of presenting. It’s ultimately about developing breadth as a speaker – being able to call on various techniques and methods to engage different audiences, as well as knowing the purpose of your presentation and being able to deliver whatever is being asked of you. 

During my career at one of the Big 4 Accountancy Firms, I was expected to be able to speak confidently and articulately at any type of meeting – partner meetings, operational meetings, graduate training days and team away days. Rarely a week went by without needing to present, sometimes off the cuff. The more senior I became, the higher the expectations of my presenting ability increased. Perhaps you’ve noticed the same is true for you?

Luckily, I quite enjoyed presenting and I was able to hold back my nerves. But now, I realise that my breath of skills in presenting was actually quite narrow. For example, I often relied on my slides to do all the work for me – I wouldn’t have dreamed of presenting without any. Plus, I found there was a big difference between being able to explain a concept (which was relatively easy) to influencing a senior audience to see my point of view

My Experience as a Speaker

Since I left the corporate world, I’ve invested in my public speaking skills and have spent hours learning, broadening and practicing my techniques. I now understand how to structure a speech (not just a set of slides), how to engage and influence an audience.

As a trainer, a facilitator and a coach, my combined skills mean I can simplify what I’ve learned and pass it on, as well as being able to help people deal with limited or no self-confidence.

Practice and know-how are both critical, along with being able to ground yourself in the moment and know that no matter what happens, you will deal with it.

This photo is me presenting at a Leadership Event for a senior management team in 2017.

I felt confident, grounded and clear about my purpose. I’d love to help you do the same!

Become a better speaker with my Online Presentation Success Programme!

 Are you a novice speaker? Perhaps you’ve just landed a new job that needs presentation skills and you’d like to get up to speed quickly? I can help you conquer your nerves, master the basics, and rehearse in a safe space.

 Do you have some presentation experience but you’d like to take your skills to the next stage? Perhaps you’ve moved into a more senior role and you want to learn how to inspire and influence teams and stakeholders? Maybe you’d like to feel more confident and grounded in front of your peers? I can help you develop and broaden your techniques, help you create presence and impact and provide you with constructive feedback to help you develop your unique style and voice.  

Here’s how the programme works: 

The programme has 4 areas of focus – Structure, Content, Delivery and You. You’ll learn how to structure a clear message, how to create engaging content and how to perfect your delivery style to match your purpose.

 Importantly, we will also focus on you – your perception of your capability as a presenter, what might be getting in your way.  We’ll focus on using your body and your voice for maximum impact, and how you can use your nerves to keep you grounded.

 My programme will provide a safe environment in which to make mistakes, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way (some of it might even be fun!).

 What you’ll need to make this programme a success

The success of the programme will depend largely on your ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to experiment with new methods. You’ll need courage, commitment and an open mindset.


What’s included in the Presentation Skills programme? 


✔ 6 hours of online blended coaching / training to help you learn, develop and face your fears  

✔ DISC Personality Profile – understand your communication style and how you come across  

✔ Tools and “how to” guides for practice and gain new skills   

✔ Practice real-life upcoming presentations 

✔ Safe space to make mistakes and maybe even to have some fun!

✔ Clear and constructive strength-based feedback

✔ Recordings of your presentations for your learning and development  

✔ Progress at a pace that works for you 


Become the speaker you always dreamed of being!

You can become a more confident speaker and enrol on this programme for just £999*, which is payable in three separate instalments.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit cards.

*Separate rates for organisations



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