1:1 Presentation Skills

Improve your presentation skills in just 12 weeks

Good presentation skills are vital to get ahead at work. Whether you’re pitching for new clients, selling your vision to bosses, motivating teams, or proving your worth at board meetings, your ability to present makes all the difference.

But doing a great presentation isn’t just about having skills and know-how. If you want to come across authentically, you need to have the inner confidence and self-belief to hold your own in front of an audience, whether that’s online or face to face.

Imagine being able to transform your presentation skills from the security of your own home in just 12 weeks! That’s where my Presentation Success programme can help.

1:1 Presentation Success Programme

  • Do you want to have more impact when presenting?   
  • Would you like to feel more confident in your presentation skills?     
  • Would you like to be able to present online or face to face? 

My 1:1 online Presentation Success Programme will transform your presenting ability in just 12 weeks. From the safety of your own home, you can practice presentations, get feedback, learn new techniques and grow your confidence as a speaker. Through my blend of coaching and training, you’ll learn how to structure your message, how to make your material more engaging and how to perfect your delivery style to match your presentation’s purpose.  

I’ll teach you valuable tools and techniques, give you developmental feedback and provide a safe place to grow your skills. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way (some of it might even be fun!) and I’ll keep you on track.   

What’s included in the 1:1 Presentation Skills programme?   

  • 7 hours of online 1:1 blended coaching / training where you can learn, practice and conquer your nerves 
  • DISC Personality Profile – understand your communication style and how you come across when you’re communicating  
  • Tools and “how to” guides for practice and gain new skills    
  • Practice real-life upcoming presentations
  • Safe space to make mistakes and maybe even to have some fun!
  • Clear and constructive strength-based feedback
  • Recordings of your presentations for your learning and development
  • Progress at a pace that works for you  


Transform your speaking skills in just 12 weeks!

Improve your skills and become a more confident speaker from the comfort of your own home – all in just 12 weeks!

The programme is £999*, which is payable in three separate instalments.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit cards. 

*Separate rates for organisations




My Speaking Experience

I began doing presentations at work during my 15-year career at PwC, one of the Big 4 accountancy firms. As I became more senior, the volume of presentations and speaking off the cuff opportunities increased. I was often asked to speak at meetings and events and I was told by one senior partner that I was ‘good on my feet’ when he saw me present (high praise at the time!). I also delivered training, which really helped my skills, confidence and experience to grow. I’ve been a member of Toastmasters International, world leaders in Communication and Leadership Development, since 2016 and am an established speaker as well as being President of my local Club from 2019 – 2020.

My skills in public speaking and training have helped me to put together this Presentation skills programme in order to give you the skills and learning you need to become a better speaker. Not only that, but my coaching and NLP skills will help you address any beliefs about your abilities that may be holding you back, along with techniques to conquer nerves.

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