Presentation Skills

Conquer your fear of presenting! 

Presenting to large or small groups can be an intimidating experience and just the thought of that can make many people dread giving presentations or avoid them altogether.

However, good communication skills are vital if you want to be successful in the workplace – whether it’s an interview panel, giving instructions, motivating teams, winning clients, persuading stakeholders, developing productive relationships, or selling your vision.

Why not learn to conquer your fears and become a more confident speaker with Pursuit? 

Become an engaging and inspiring speaker with Pursuit 

  • Learn how to structure a clear message

  • Win hearts and minds with great content

  • Increase your confidence in front of an audience

You’ll also learn how to connect body and mind and manage your nerves through creating presence and impact. My programme will provide a safe environment in which to make mistakes, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way (some of it might even be fun!).

The success of the programme will depend largely on your ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to experiment with new methods. You’ll need courage, commitment and an open mindset.


What’s included in the Presentation Skills programme?

  • A blend of both training and coaching to help you learn, develop and face your fear
  • Clear outcomes agreed at the beginning so you can track your progress
  • Lots of opportunities for practice with a pace that works for you
  • Clear and constructive strength-based feedback
  • Recordings of your presentation for your learning, development and evaluation
  • A choice of either 6, 9 or 12 session packages via Zoom

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Find out how Pursuit’s Presentation Skills programme can help you become the speaker you’ve always dreamed of! 

  • Pricing for both individuals and corporates
  • Minimum of 6 sessions of one hour each, usually every 2-4 weeks
  • Payments can be bank transfer, credit or debit card



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