your unique presence

What is presence?

Your presence is experienced by others when they’re with you. It’s about who you are and how you show up at work. 

Developing your presence is about accepting and harnessing who you are, including your imperfections. It’s allowing your natural and unique capacity for authenticity to shine through in every moment, including those that are most challenging.  

Presence is purposeful, relational and expressive.

Losing your presence as you progress

As you become more senior at work, situations often become more challenging and expectations of you increase. You may find yourself needing to engage a new set of stakeholders, or with new teams to lead. Perhaps some of the situations and challenges you’re experiencing seem very open-ended with no obvious solutions, resulting in lots of disagreement and no clear way forward. Conversations often become more complex, situations more uncertain and personalities more difficult to manage.

This can mean you feel you’re losing your sense of presence at work, especially in these challenging situations. Unconstructive feedback, feeling that things are personal, not making the impression you’d like can also result in doubting of your own skills, knowledge and expertise.

This can leave people, especially women, feeling very unsure of themselves, especially if you’re also experiencing disapproval from others. 

How can Presence Coaching accelerate your career? 

Discovering your unique presence will improve the quality of your relationships with others and help you address even the most challenging of situations. Presence Coaching will help you make the most of your strengths and personality, growing your courage and confidence in yourself. It will grow your tolerance for situations that most people would avoid and help you face them head-on. You’ll gain a greater sense of equilibrium, helping you be okay with who you are, even in challenging situations. Presence Coaching will also help you develop better relationships, specifically to:

  • lead boardroom meetings with confidence, handling disagreement effectively

  • have challenging conversations with stakeholders, peers, teams

  • deal with complex and ambiguous situations

  • stay calm in promotion panels and interviews 

  • lead a new or unfamiliar team with confidence


Would you like to maintain your sense of groundedness in challenging situations?

Would you like to improve the quality of your relationships?

Would you like to feel more confident being yourself?

Let’s talk about how Presence Coaching could help you accelerate your career.

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