Leadership Coaching

Expand your Leadership Potential

Today’s organisations are challenging environments, reacting to rapid global change, within huge complexity and uncertainty. The only way to effectively manage change, address today’s challenges and find solutions for tomorrow’s challenges is through everyone working together at their best.

That requires highly effective leadership at all levels of an organisation, with leaders who have the capability to bring out the best in others and nurture leadership in everyone around them.  

Leadership Coaching for Mid-Level Management

Developing your leadership capability will make a difference to you personally, improving your own performance, the performance of your teams and your organisation as a whole.

 My 1:1 Leadership Coaching programme is designed for mid-level women whose focus is on operational activities, looking 12-18 months ahead. You may have a volume of work or clients to manage and you’re responsible for large or multiple teams and also you may:

  • have found that your current way of managing and leading just isn’t working as well as it used to
  • have received some feedback that suggests improvements are needed in your management style
  • not have had much management training in the past and you’d like to feel more confident and have reliable strategies that really work

My Leadership Coaching programme will take you on a deep dive into leadership – helping you understand more about you, what great leadership means and how you can expand your leadership potential.

“Knowing yourself is key to being an effective leader.”    

The Leader Within, Zigarmi, O’Connor, Blanchard, Edeburn 2004

High Performance Leadership begins with knowing yourself, understanding who you are as a leader and how you show up. Based on emotional intelligence, it’s about understanding your emotional responses to situations and tasks, characters and behaviours that you find most challenging. 

Raising your self-awareness will help you to recognise and understand your emotions and the impact they have on both you and on others. Self-management will help you be able to handle your emotions effectively and to channel them, rather than letting them interfere with your priorities and tasks.

My Leadership Coaching programme starts with you. We’ll explore who are a leader for, how you are leading, what are your strengths and how you can grow as a leader. We’ll look at the differences between leading and managing and how you can bring out the best in those around you.

Great leadership starts with you