Group Coaching


Unlock creativity and foster collaboration

Group coaching is a great way to bring people together. It can be as part of a wider project, a development programme, or to simply to form new opportunities for collaboration or problem solving. It offers growth and skills development for each person in the group and everyone is treated equally.

There are many benefits to group coaching, in addition to it being a cost-effective intervention. Here are just a few:

  • Opens up communication
  • Increases engagement and unlocks creativity
  • Accelerates learning through peers with built-in accountability
  • Provides a learning environment to solve problems together
  • Helps people enjoy their work more and create deeper relationships
  • Develops a more open mindset, generates greater self-awareness and empathy
  • Allows greater personal expression and listening
  • Encourages valuing different personalities and perspectives

Group Coaching can be tailored to your needs and budget. There’s a lot of flexibility in its format, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to build relationships, develop skills, and invest in people’s personal and professional development.

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Case Study

European Financial Services Company

Group coaching can be run in many different ways. Working with my trusted co-facilitator, we ran a one-day group coaching workshop in London as part of a women’s Leadership Development programme. The group was split into 2 smaller groups to give everyone an opportunity to be coached, and at the same time, to learn some useful coaching skills.

We asked participants to bring a situation that they would be happy to be coached on by their peers. We opened up by agreeing confidentiality within each group, and introducing ‘powerful questions’, and ‘listening without judgement.’ We also asked them to refrain from giving advice – something they didn’t find easy!

Participants commented afterwards what an empowering experience it had been. Being listened to, sharing things that mattered and not being judged  strengthened the bond between them. And they even enjoyed the challenge of asking each other open questions, rather than simply passing on advice! Participants said:

Hearing other people’s struggles and experiences was helpful as well as their thoughts on how to approach some issues.

 “The group experience was helpful to enforce team work. Overall it created more awareness for self vs. other personality types, their needs/fears and communication styles and core strengths.”

“I feel empowered to keep going even stronger with my partners in the workshop.”

“It was extremely positive to bond to openminded, likeminded women without judgement.”


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