Lead Well,

Aim High

  • Are you in a leadership role or aspiring to be?

  • Are you looking to accelerate your progress at work?

  • Would you like extra support in achieving your career aspirations? 

Coaching for Women who want to Progress at Work

specialise in coaching women in leadership. If you’re a senior leader, middle management or an early leader, I can help you with any aspect of career progression, from developing your leadership skills and presence, getting promoted, changing roles or improving your influence and communication skills, I can help you grow and progress professionally.

I work with women who…

  • are senior leaders, middle managers and aspiring leaders

  • work in competitive environments such as professional services

  • who are talented and ambitious

  • who are used to achieving and doing well

  • enjoy the mental stimulation work provides

  • may be struggling with issues such as working too many hours, feeling overwhelmed, not getting the best results from teams, dealing with office politics, difficult stakeholders or lacking self-confidence.


Online Coaching Services for Early Leaders through to Senior Leaders

I specialise in Leadership, Communication, Career Development and Confidence. My coaching services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Early Leaders Coaching
  • Promotion Success Coaching
  • Career Change Coaching
  • Presentation Skills Coaching
  • DISC Personality Profiles – Understand your Communication style

From developing your leadership presence, getting promoted, changing roles or dealing with self-doubt, I can help you grow and progress professionally.

What can you expect from coaching with me?

I’m passionate about supporting women in managing the opportunities, challenges and demands that come with leadership roles. I have personal leadership experi.ence ‘at the coalface’ as a result of my 15-year career at one of the Big 4 Professional Services firms.

My coaching approach is developmental, with a focus on deepening emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. I believe these create greater personal effectiveness, enhanced leadership ability and a deeper sense of confidence and presence. 

I can give you a safe place where you can simply be yourself and take time to figure out some ‘difficult stuff.’  My intention is to help you grow personally and professionally and keep you focused on achieving your career goals. I can support you in addressing obstacles that might be hindering your progress, whether that’s external, such as a difficult relationship or internal, such as imposter syndrome.

You can expect warmth, professionalism, openness, acceptance, as well as sensitive challenge. 

Through conversation, you’ll find new ways to solve problems, deepen your self-understanding and grow as a leader.

Find out how you can successfully progress your career!

If you’d like to know more, simply get in touch for a free 30-minute, consultation. There’s no hard sell from me as I don’t believe in it! It’s an opportunity to find out how I can help you and if I’m the right coach for you.


Schedule a free 30 minute call with me

Early Leaders: Learn how to lead

Early Leaders: Learn how to lead

Mid-Level Leaders: Leadership Coaching

Mid-Level Leaders: Leadership Coaching

Senior Leaders: Executive Coaching

Senior Leaders: Executive Coaching

Achieve a promotion at work

Achieve a promotion at work

Find a Fulfilling Career

Find a Fulfilling Career

Transform your presentation skills

Transform your presentation skills

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