Executive Coaching

Sharpen your Leadership Skills

Executive Coaching with Pursuit will help you address your business challenges and get better results. You’ll learn to be more strategic, develop your leadership skills and engage others in your vision. You’ll harness your strengths and work on areas where you might be hindering your own progress and performance.

My aim is to propel you forward in your career, and support you in areas of personal growth. You’ll improve your influence, productivity and strengthen your stakeholder relationships.


Who is Executive Coaching for?

My Executive Coaching programme is aimed at senior leaders who lead the direction of organisations, departments and teams. You’ll be familiar with navigating complexity and working in uncertainty.  My programme will support you with the practical, personal and developmental elements of senior leadership. We will work on your own personal priorities as well as your organisation’s strategic priorities, and together will we will address your business challenges. 


How could Executive Coaching help you?

My Executive Coaching Programme is aimed at supporting you in the following areas:

  • growing the business
  • developing your career
  • improving organisational performance
  • strengthening stakeholder relationships
  • making an impact in a new senior role
  • developing your leadership skills
  • communicating your vision and engaging your teams
  • assessing strategic and operational priorities
  • managing your time effectively
  • enhancing your personal impact and influence
  • managing tricky office politics and power dynamics


It’s a working partnership 

My Executive Coaching programme is a flexible and dynamic working partnership where the focus is on your needs, the needs of your stakeholders and the needs of your organisation. It will require your hard work, your energy and commitment to growth and personal learning. There are 3 areas we can use as a starting point if it’s helpful and relevant:  

Your communication of the vision, purpose and goals of your organisation

Your ability to engage others in your vision

Your ability to produce results through others as well as your own efforts

Awareness – Focus – Action 

Throughout the programme, you’ll be setting goals and measuring your results, which will enable you to see your progress and gain clarity about the direction you’re heading in. 

There are three phases to the programme:

Awareness: assess your priorities, set clear goals, review your performance and feedback

Focus: address your current challenges and obstacles that are getting in your way

Action: track your results, review your progress 


You will be both supported and challenged throughout as we work on your business challenges together.



Executive Coaching is a programme for 6-12 months, to give you time to work on your business challenges and see the progress you’re making. Sessions are 90 minutes and typically happen are every 2-4 weeks. Currently sessions are online due to Covid. 

Rates for both self-funded individuals and organisations.   

I offer a complimentary  no-obligation conversation to understand your business challenges, and to explore how I might help you in your role. Simply call me for more details.


My Coaching Approach & Experience


My coaching approach is developmental, with a focus on deepening emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Together, I believe these create greater personal effectiveness, enhanced leadership ability and a deeper sense of confidence and presence. 

Develop your Leadership Capability 

For Executives who want to work specifically on their leadership style, I can support you in developing leadership capability through Pursuit’s 7 Ps of Leadership framework.  

The 7 Ps cover: Personality, Purpose, Performance, Passion, Productivity, Profile and Potential. 

These are all are key aspects of leadership performance. Using this framework you’ll be able to understand your motivations, behaviours and abilities more deeply. You’ll also be able leverage your natural talents and strengths along with being empowered to attend to  specific areas that require action. 

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