Early Leaders

  • Do you want to manage team members more effectively and get better results?

  • Are you keen to grow your leadership and management skills?  

  • Would you like to feel more confident and know what to do and when?

Learn how to lead and get the best out of others

For ambitious early leaders, this 6-month programme will help you strengthen your leadership skills and advance your career. It will take you on a deep dive into leadership, helping you understand what great leadership looks like, who you are as a leader, and how you can expand your leadership potential.

Using tried and tested leadership models, you’ll learn about different leadership approaches and which ones work best in different situations. We’ll look at the differences between leading and managing and how you know which to do when. You’ll discover your own leadership style and strengths and learn how to work with your limitations.

You’ll discover how to communicate more effectively with team members, set expectations, give proper feedback, set expectations, deal with poor performers and engage team members more effectively. You’ll tackle issues that you might be facing from a leadership perspective and create a 5-year vision for the future.

 Ultimately, you’ll gain a greater sense of personal presence and a deeper sense of confidence in your role as leader, empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel at work and to progress your career into mid-level leadership. 

Great leadership starts with you


Being the best leader begins with knowing yourself, understanding who you are as a leader and how you show up. Based on emotional intelligence, it’s about understanding your emotional responses to situations and tasks, characters and behaviours that you find most challenging. 

Raising your self-awareness will help you to recognise and understand your emotions and the impact they have on both you and on others. Self-management will help you be able to handle your emotions effectively and to channel them, rather than letting them interfere with your priorities and tasks.

We’ll explore who are a leader for, how you are leading, what are your strengths and how you can grow as a leader. We’ll look at the differences between leading and managing and how you can bring out the best in those around you.

“Knowing yourself is key to being an effective leader.”    The Leader Within, Zigarmi, O’Connor, Blanchard, Edeburn 2004

Expand your Leadership Potential in just 6 months! 

With 6 Leadership Coaching sessions and a programme of content and learning, you’ll expand your leadership potential in just 6 months. The coaching sessions will both support and challenge your thinking and well-established leadership tools will stimulate new insights and learning. 

To help you set goals and measure your progress, ideally you would be able to share feedback on your current leadership style, recent engagement scores and team performance.

Here’s a quick summary of the programme:  

  • Monthly online 6 x 90 minute 1:1 Leadership Coaching on your leadership style, strengths and challenges
  • Clear goals agreed upfront
  • Progress reviews mid-way and at the end of the programme
  • Use of well-established leadership models and tools to guide your learning
  • Pre-work, reading, exercises and reflection in between sessions
  • DISC Personality Profile report on your communication style
  • Action plan to keep you focused and moving forward

*Separate rates for organisations and private individuals.

How do you know if this programme is for you?

This programme is aimed at Early Leaders who are keen to lead as well as manage. You’re already managing people, dealing with clients, multiple stakeholders and handling complex projects. You may have recently taken on a new team and you want to hit the ground running.  Or perhaps your team is expanding and you want to make sure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence required for a growing leadership role.

This programme will require your energy and commitment and you’ll need to make time in between coaching sessions for reading, complete exercises or learning and reflection. That will ensure you get the most out of the programme and maximise your results.

This programme is ideal if you want to… 

  • invest in your leadership skills and make a marked difference to your team’s results and your own working life
  • address any leadership development areas in order to progress
  • have more confidence in yourself and your ability to lead

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