DISC Personality Profiling

Improve Communication & Teamwork 

Do you lead teams? Are you responsible for hiring people? Are successful relationships important in your day to day work? In any people-related roles, having an objective insight into different personalities can give you a significant edge. 

The DISC personality profiling system is one of the most widely used and best established personality profile systems in the world. It’s a quick yet valuable tool that will help you understand yourself, communicate with your teams and stakeholders in just minutes. 

DISC has the potential to transform teams, heal rifts, increase motivation and help you understand your own behaviour and personality. 

How does DISC work? 

DISC is quick, simple and easy to use. There’s a straightforward personality questionnaire for each team member which takes just 7-10 minutes to complete.

Your answers are interpreted to measure four core personality factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance – those initials give DISC its name.

Assessing the combinations of those 4 factors produces a comprehensive and insightful 18-page report on your communication and behaviour preferences. From your report, you’ll receive insights into the following: 

  •  The DISC personality system
  • Your personality style
  • Your communication preferences
  • How your communication style is valuable in teams
  • Tips on how you can relate to others using your style
  • How you can enhance your interaction with each style
  • Your leadership communication strengths
  • How you respond to pressure
  • An action plan for areas for attention 

 It will give you amazing insights into how you think, feel, and what motivates you. 

Who could benefit from DISC personality profiling?  

Individuals, Teams and Groups can benefit from DISC! It’s for people who want to understand and relate to colleagues, clients, stakeholders and team members more effectively.

If you’re an organisation, your team could benefit from its own group DISC report. DISC can help you as a team to understand your areas of strength and focus as well as highlighting any areas of improvement that you may not be currently aware of.


Would you like to receive your own DISC report?

 If you’re an organisation who would like to use DISC, just get in touch to have a chat about how it can help your teams.

 If you’re an individual who would like to receive your own DISC report, you can order the DISC report and have a one-off 60 minute session to understand your report in full. Just get in touch for details and prices.

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