Team DISC Workshops

Transform team communication with DISC

Success at work relies on the ability to relate well with other people. But we are all different, with different interests, backgrounds, personalities and ways of doing things. Sometimes those differences can get in the way of good team relationships. Wouldn’t it be good to have a tool that helps you acknowledge, value, and make the most of those differences?

DISC is one of the most established and widely used profile systems in the world. It’s a quick and valuable tool that will transform your team’s communication in a very short space of time, helping you understand each other better, break down barriers and value the differences between you.

DISC enables teams to:

  • Improve relationships and team dynamics
  • Transform communication and avoid miscommunication 
  • Minimise conflict and make sure messages land well
  • Help value your differences and play to team strengths
  • Increase team morale through working together more effectively

Bring DISC into your team

DISC workshops bring teams together. My facilitation approach is light-hearted, allowing teams to learn about their own personality traits and each other’s in a way that isn’t personal, but enables them to learn and grow together. 

Workshops are fun and interactive, featuring an introduction to the DISC model and the different DISC styles through fun exercises and activities that allow teams to work together in a more creative and playful way.

Workshops are best in person but also work well online and can be tailored to your budget.

Workshops include:

  • A personalised 18-page DISC report for each participant to help them learn all about their own communication style
  • A Group Dynamics report with valuable insights on the collective team including strengths and style under stress
  • All handouts, slides and a comprehensive digital DISC Introductory Workbook for future reference

Case Study

Financial Services Company

The Board wanted to bring the whole management team together to build relationships and improve communication.

Working with a trusted co-facilitator, we ran an interactive and fun day with lots of laughter and creativity, enabling the team to get to know each other in a different way without the barriers that often creep in at work. Everyone loved learning about their own DISC styles – some with surprise! And they found the Group Dynamic report helped them understand their collective strengths, recruitment trends and team culture. Here’s what participants said:

Very inclusive, friendly & fun.

“Clear, easy to understand, enjoyable”

“Enthusiastic and open environment. Very comfortable to speak freely.”


Feedback from CEO sponsor(online workshop):

Well-structured with a good mix of information and engagement. Rachael did an excellent job of putting a great deal of material into a timely session, clearly explaining everything and providing examples. She was well spoken, organised, and facilitated discussion well. 

Rachael took time to understand our needs, business model and team dynamic. She customised her approach to take account of this. The follow up was excellent providing us with tools and guidance to keep the training alive.


Top 10 Global Association of Independent and Advisory Firms


Feedback from participants (online workshop):

My confidence levels have increased, through the appreciation that all of us have a specific but complimentary set of skills that are adaptable.

I am able to recognise different learning styles within my team, and support each with a deeper understanding, I have altered the way I approach team members depending on what I am seeking from them.

DISC helped me to understand my peers better, their characteristics and what’s important to them and perhaps how they might read communication from me.

Senior Leadership Team Members

Bristol Based Charity

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