Career Coaching

What do you want from your career? 

Do you want to change your career, feel more successful at work, or improve your professional development? 

Whatever your career aspirations are, my Career Coaching Programme can support you in any aspect of your career, giving you a greater sense of security, clarity and confidence.

Here’s what you could achieve through my Career Coaching Programme:

  • figure out your next career move
  • transition to a new role or return to work successfully
  • deal with redundancy and make a new plan 
  • progress your career and take on more responsibility
  • feel more confident about your skills and abilities
  • manage a heavy workload and conflicting priorities
  • improve a challenging workplace relationship
  • manage complexity and navigate change more effectively
  • deal with internal blocks such as feelings of failure or discomfort with risk

I’ll support you in achieving your career goals, or help you figure out what they might be!

How does my Career Coaching Programme work?

My 5 Step Programme will focus you on what you want from your future career and support you in designing and achieving it. We’ll start by reviewing your Career so far, then take a deeper look at how you want things to be. Together we’ll create your Career Plan, which will clarify the actions you need to take to get to your Ideal Career!

What’s included in my Career Coaching Programme?

Depending on your unique needs, you can choose any of the following to be included in your Career Coaching Programme:

 ✔ Creating your ‘Career Capital’ – review your skills, achievements, credibility, experience, training, knowledge etc.

 ✔ Skills Assessment – what are you really skilled at, and just how good are you?

 ✔ Discover your Character Strengths

 ✔ Disc Personality Profile – understand yourself and your communication style (this is priced extra)

 ✔ Personal Values Assessment – learning what you hold dear, what upsets you, what underpins your decisions

 ✔ CV Review – linking your CV with skills, experience and representing yourself in the best way

 ✔ Job Interview Preparation – getting mentally prepared for that important meeting!

 ✔ Career Action Plan – get clear on the steps you need to take to move forward

Your ideal career outcomes are agreed upfront at the beginning of the programme. That means you’ll be able to to track your progress and see for yourself how quickly you’re moving forward. That doesn’t mean it will always be plain sailing, though – as we know, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Part of the work we do will be anticipating barriers that might pop up and building in contingency plans as and when needed.

Career Coaching will need your commitment, energy and time in order to maximise your chances of success.

“I had been reconsidering my career for some time, but had been struggling to have clarity or focus. Rachael helped me to re-engage with my core skills and motivations, some long neglected, and then progress into thinking about in what way these could be brought into future opportunities. This has dramatically changed the way I am planning for my future, and has made me feel confident about my ability to achieve my new goals. “
Lisa Hadwin

“I found the sessions very useful for talking through my work challenges, how I felt about my current role and what I wanted to do in the future. I felt that this really helped my confidence in applying for other jobs and going for interviews.”


Career Coaching isn’t Careers Advice!

Career Coaching is designed to help you figure things out for yourself – it’s not me giving you Careers Advice!

Here are just some of the types of questions Career Coaching could help you answer for yourself – how do you get on with them?


  1. What do you really, really want from your career?

  2. What’s currently missing from your career? 

  3. What difference do you want to make?

  4.  What are your personal and professional strengths?

  5.  Do you understand the value you are bringing to your organisation?

  6. What’s holding you back from an even better performance?

  7.  What is it about your job that gets you fired up with energy?

  8. What is it about your job that takes your energy and leaves you feeling drained?

    My Career Coaching Programme can help you discover these answers and more, and support you in moving forward with your career. 

Create Your Future

Simply get in touch below to find out more about the Career Coaching Programme and pricing. The programme is priced for 6 sessions of one hour each, with a minimum of 4 sessions.  Payments can be bank transfer, credit or debit cards.

Sessions usually happen online (on Zoom), phone or face to face (depending on your location). They’re usually every 2-4 weeks to ensure you make the kind of progress you’re expecting.

Get in touch today to discover how Career Coaching could help your career!


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